Reasons Not to Use Minimalist Design

A lit light bulb stands out from blue ones.This article is continued from “Reasons to Use Minimalist Design”.

Minimalism is a particular style of design where the actual design elements are used sparingly. The philosophy behind minimalist design is that “less is more.” Because of the stark simplicity of minimalism, as well as its immediate legibility, it has become increasingly popular in the digital age. However, just because it is used so prevalently, it doesn’t mean that every project and every brand will benefit from using minimalism. This short series will explore whether it is beneficial to use minimalist design or not. Here are some reasons why you might not want to use minimalism with your next design project…

Everyone Is Doing It

Because of the pros that we discussed in our article, “Reasons to Use Minimalist Design,” minimalism is incredibly popular in today’s design landscape. However, that may be the exact reason why you might opt not to use it. Part of the purpose of branding, marketing, and advertising is to make your brand, company or organization stand out from all the rest. Everyone does minimalism today, which leaves the door open for you to try something entirely different. When everybody is using a pared down simple design on a white background, it becomes a lot easier to stand out against all those minimal images with a splash of something exciting.

Might Not Tell Your Story

Rather than focus on whether one type of design style is better than another, it’s important to remember that these styles are all just means to an end. The real question you need to ask is whether or not this style works to tell your brand’s story. For certain industries and companies, a minimalist design might convey the sleek portrait that they want to show, but this might not be the case for a company that wants to show themselves as fun and exciting. Indeed, using minimalism nowadays can also seem lazy, or make your brand seem like a follower instead of a leader, due to the saturation of minimalist design in the market.

Sacrifices Content for Design

The philosophy behind minimalism, as we said above, is that less is more. This has always been the central strength of minimalist design. However, it is also one of its most inherent weaknesses. When you lend yourself completely to minimalism, you are going to have to stick with having less content on designs, and even entire web pages. When you are losing important content for the sake of the design, then you are missing the forest for the trees.